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Happy New Year - $25 appointments through the month of January.

Acupuncture Sessions

OfficeFor your first acupuncture treatment, please schedule a new patient appointment, and allow up to 90 minutes for our time together. This appointment includes an extended intake – please fill out new patient forms in advance and bring with you to your appointment. Acupuncture appointments for established patients are 60 minutes.

All acupuncture appointments include needling therapy and an herbal medicine consultation. Other modalities, such as electro-stimulation or cupping may be included in your treatment, as appropriate. Please note that the cost of herbs or supplements are not included with any appointment, and electro-stimulation therapy and cupping are an additional fee.

If you do not have accessible acupuncture benefits as part of your health insurance plan, you are eligible to pay time-of-service rates. My office can assist in verifying any potential acupuncture benefits you may have by contacting your health insurance provider – to initiate this process, begin here.